KeucoEdition 400

Edition 400 Collection

Fully in accordance with preference and demand, but always extremely clear: Versatile furniture and washbasin combinations offer a room-specific bathroom design and lifestyle in the bathroom. Thanks to the modular concept and the large variety of colours and materials of EDITION 400, there are no restrictions to personal creativity for planning your bathroom – regardless whether it’s for families, couples or singles.

Sensuous Shapes in Gleaming Chrome

A characteristic of EDITION 400 is its sensuously beautiful style. The gleaming chrome-plated fittings of the series present themselves like filigree sculptures. Virtually works of art, their extraordinary presence almost makes you forget their actual purpose. Conceived by the design agency Tesseraux + Partner in Potsdam and recognised with the “Design Plus” seal of quality, they are a prominent stylish element in KEUCO’s full range of bathroom furnishings.

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